20 nov. 2012

The light

I just remembered now. Going through all my youth photographs. She was a special creature. It´s funny how an image all of a sudden can transport you to a different time. A different world. A different age. 
Now I remember her clearly. As if she was still here. As if she never left. 
I remember her light. I remember myself desiring being her just for one day. Just to see how it feels. I never became her obviously. But she allowed me to become part of her world, and shared all that with me. That is why I never felt envious. I just used to admire her so much. 
Years passed by and I forgot about her. As you forget about things that you own but you don´t see. As you forget things when no one reminds you to accomplish them.  Sad, somehow. But no one is indispensable. And now, sitting here, see her picture and feel a tremendous wish of being her just for one day. Just to see how it feels. 


picture Wolf Wendy 

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