30 ago. 2012


"Espe, Aliens! I am telling you all over. It is. Yes, dont laugh, take me seriously. I am telling you. "


London , August 2012

27 ago. 2012

See you in Paris

- Tu crees en las sirenas? Yo me lo creo, cantan divinamente.
- Cómo lo sabes?
- Pues mi padre me lo ha contado y hay videos...
- Me gustaría ser una sirena, pero no puedo... Tengo los pies demasiado sobre la tierra


Photo Jovan Todorovic

22 ago. 2012


- you scare me, you know?
- me ? What ? Why ? 
- Oh, I dont know.. I find you really good-looking, witty, nice, quite intelligent and very honest. And you never liked me at all, which I dont find it scary, but extremely annoying. 


pic. Mafalda Silva