21 abr. 2012

Forever Saturday Morning

She said that we were gonna stick together forever.  
She used to say those kind of things. And I used to believe them. 
She used to say that chocolate brings you goodluck and that 
if you sleep with a lavender sachet under your pilow you become younger everyday. 
I always followed her desires and advices, I enjoyed it enough to not care really about the consequences or the disadvantages of it. And let me tell you, there were a lot. Not the lavender in fact, that was a pleasant one. Is not that it worked on her too much though, because she left a few weeks ago forever. She wasn´t young anymore. But I never saw someone that beautiful in my life. The perfect skin, the blue eyes. She might have become something else. Im pretty sure she just didn´t disappear, I am sure she is somewhere else. She must be flying or maybe she is the blue bird in my window. She said that we were gonna stick forever together. And I trust her.


 text by me.
London, april 2012

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  1. trust who you trust you should trust.